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1. INITIAL FORMS - Upon arriving at our office, you will need to fill out some basic forms. Try to answer the questions as completely as possible to help us better help you. Nothing is trivial when it comes to your health.

2. CONSULTATION - After your written information is gathered, you will meet with the doctor. At this time, you will be able to ask the doctor any questions regarding your health. The doctor will inquire about your health and related issues. Concluding the consultation, the doctor will determine if you are a candidate for care and accept or refer your case. 

3. CHIROPRACTIC EXAMINATION - The doctor will perform an exam specific to your condition and overall health. Various orthopedic and neurological tests pertaining to your health will be performed. 

4. X-RAY AND ANALYSIS - Specific x-ray views of your spine will be taken to better visualize your misalignment and gain valuable information for correcting your body imbalance.  Other x-ray views may be taken to ascertain other problematic areas of your body.

The analysis of your x-ray views will reveal the exact degree of misalignment or imbalance.  The mathematical measurements taken from your x-ray films give the doctor the correct formula to realign your spine.

5. REPORT OF FINDINGS - The doctor will discuss with you in great detail his findings from the consultation, examination and x-ray views.  All of the information gathered will be reviewed with you and the doctor will give you a care plan based on your state of health.

6. THE ADJUSTMENT - You will be carefully and properly placed on a chiropractic table.  The adjustment is a very gentle and precise movement of the misaligned vertebra back to its normal position. Body imbalance is corrected and nerve interference has then been removed.

6. POST ADJUSTMENT X-RAYS - Two additional x-ray views may be required to ascertain the amount of correction within your spine.  These x-ray views allow the doctor to fine tune your specific formula for removing nerve interference and restoring body balance.

7. FOLLOW UP CARE - Initially you may be seen more frequently to ensure that you maintaining your correction and still enjoying body balance.  In some cases, more adjustments will be required. The goal is to see you less as your body adapts to body balance.